The Illawarra Camp Quality Convoy – Carbon Offset Program

The Illawarra Camp Quality Convoy is an iconic Illawarra event aimed at raising charity to create a better life for children living with cancer. In support of the long-term environmental sustainability and success of the event, Rana Environmental donates a Carbon Offset Program for the event annually.

The Program determines the carbon emissions associated with vehicle travel during the convoy route and subsequently purchases carbon offsets for the emissions to establish this component of the event as Carbon Neutral.

Rana Environmental undertakes all necessary processes to have the carbon offset formally recognised and to fully disclose the procedures for transparency purposes.

The associated carbon offsets are purchased for the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project, which involves the protection of large tracts of privately owned land in the Tasmanian Central Highlands. The land in the project area is degraded native forest that has been logged in the past and, in the absence of carbon revenue, would continue to be either selectively logged or cleared for agriculture.

This pioneering project was the first in Australia to be accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard, and among the first accredited VCS projects in the world in the field of improved forest management and avoided deforestation.

In addition, member Clubs of the Illawarra Sustainable Clubs Alliance (ISCA), an initiative administered by Rana Environmental, match the expenditure directed towards the purchase of carbon offsets with a direct donation to the Illawarra Camp Quality Convoy event.

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