Government Building Retrofit Program

Rana Environmental was contracted by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) to perform energy and water assessments within the Illawarra region, as part of the Government Building Retrofit Program (GBRP) Pilot that identifies, specifies and upgrades frontline government service delivery buildings.

The GBRP is a centralised program of delivering energy and water efficiency upgrades across a range of government building types. This approach achieves greater economies of scale by aggregating improvement projects across a number of smaller buildings.

The purpose of the assessments was not to identify and document all usage and opportunities, but rather an assessment of those opportunities that could be realised through a one-for-one replacement or with minimal additional work.

Rana Environmental assessed thirteen NSW Fire & Rescue Stations and fourteen Ambulance Service of NSW Stations and identified a range of energy and water saving opportunities, with the potential to reduce energy consumption by 810,000kWh per annum, and water consumption by 5,500kL annually.

In turn, the GBRP will reduce operational costs for frontline service centres and office buildings, which account for 20 per cent of government building energy use.