Sustainability Mentoring & Support

At the heart of Rana Environmental’s offerings is the Sustainability Mentoring & Support Program.

Designed to systematically achieve a business’s sustainability objectives through hand held support. With an ability to advise upon operational, behavioural and engineering solutions, Rana Environmental aspires to provide outcomes and results that ultimately demonstrate a business’s leadership and commitment to sustainability.

Rana Environmental mentors and services a wide range of industry types, and can complement and value-add to a range of government sustainability programs, by bridging the gap that quite often exists between participation and actual implementation.

In addition, Rana Environmental can complete the following services:

  • NSW Office of Environment & Heritage – NABERS Ratings (Office and Hotels)
  • Commercial Building Disclosure Program - Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC’s)
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority – Bin Trim Program and Bin Trim Rebate Program
  • Energy Savings Scheme - Generation of Energy Savings Certificates (ESC’s)
  • Energy, Water and Waste Assessments and Audits
  • Grant Funding Submissions
  • Sustainability Award Submissions
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Development & Implementation